Just arrived in Europe and need a vehicle while you are stationed overseas? Let Wolmart take the hassle out of car shopping!

✅ Choose from many brands like Ford  ,Dodge , Chrysler, Jeep, Lincoln, Volkswagen, Harley Davidson ,Polaris, BMW , Mercedes-Benz

✅Custom build your vehicle exactly as you wish for no extra cost or choose from a large inventory.

✅ Exclusive savings and program benefits for you yo take advantage off while overseas.

✅ Expert knowledge and advice to assist you.

✅  Whether you are stationed in Europe , I can assist you with whatever information you need.

✅You can take cars or motorbikes purchased from us with you to your country without any problems, all vehicles with US specifications.

✅Additionally, if you decide to buy a used car or another vehicle, you get a warranty from us, regardless of the age and mileage of the vehicle, even for 12 months!

✅We provide service and full service for your vehicle so that you can only enjoy the driving experience. We will pick up your vehicle from the place where you are located and deliver it back at no extra cost

Contact me for more information today on: ✉️cars@wolmart.pl ✅Whatsapp / Cell +48 602 510 358 💻Facebook: @WolmartUSA